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Tschuss 2016.

I should probably be proud of myself! For atleast being regular enough to post this annual blog-post/year summary/diary entry since I’ve not written a blog post since forever! I still like this format, of rant-filled summary at the end of the year. The point of which, I do not know. Perhaps, it just helps to document the life journey so that when I go back and read them ten years later, I’ll know it all and have a lot to laugh about!

2016 was an interesting year in terms of professional and personal development. I feel that I’ve had a complete perspective shift about what I want to do with my life. I no longer want to make cool cars. It almost feels like i’ve started to look at things from a much deeper and holistic view and I’m not sure I’m liking how everything – the world functions. I hope that this is the mid-life crisis that people talk about and once I get through this , I’ll be better off . Again, an expectation/hope – so that when I re-read this blog five years down the line I either smile at myself or laugh out loud thinking that I was a complete fool to think that!

So, let’s get started. The year began with my second term at ArtCenter. Me, vigorously trying to improve my Viscomm skills in Lucian’s class. That class however, didn’t really help much. I mean, I realize that only after looking back. The highlight was the summer term. While others had a relatively chill term, taking Viscomm 4 and two studios almost killed me. So did the professor – but that brought about a jump in my skill set ( which would be later honed-in by taking Vis5 ). I almost embraced the ‘Human Centered Design ‘ approach as I continued with my studio projects. At this point, I’ve been able to develop a point of view where I’m critical of everything, every approach. WHY – is the bigger question to me . So when I think of wanting an Autonomous Car Interior – WHY DO I EVEN NEED TO DESIGN ONE – is the question for myself.

While the second term was culminating into a decent level of improvement in my skills, I ended up moving into a different apartment – the shifting process was tiresome in itself.And I searched for a car during the break weeks. Found myself the white lady – VW Passat. She’s  been nice to me so far. Because of crazy ass 3 terms and having Vis5 and interior 4 at the same time, I ended up taking Vis5 and having a comparatively light term.

This helped me focus my attention to thesis, helping me think deeper as to why and what I want to do with my life. Questioning all my beliefs and also my belief system. I haven’t found my answers yet, but this inquisitive bug that’s come to life, is a welcome change than having a blind eye to everything and just wanting to ‘ design cars ‘ .

On the personal front, I’m still introverted and socially awkward though I feel the introverted-ness has reduced a bit. Come 2017, I hope I’m able to socialize more often and talk to people and meet new people and make new friends. I believe that’s important for my personal development as well. I definitely want to make myself a better human being.

I’m looking forward to the Vegas driving trip next week, and prospective chances of internships and working on my thesis next year. 2016, was a year that taught me a lot, including – being self-dependent in some ways and also helping me understand myself. 2017, I hope would help me materialize some of the skills and thoughts that I’ve started developing.

Inspite of all the bitching and the sadness and the demise of artists I’ve loved, 2016 – you’ve been a year of learning and of change. I’m a lot different today than I was on the first of January.