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2017. The Year of Graduation


Yes, that is perhaps the highlight of this year – even if it happened two weeks before the year ended but it indeed was the most significant incident. While, the goal isn’t to belittle any of the other experiences and incidents but it feels almost surreal to be done with ArtCenter and lead a ‘post-graduation’ life ! See the wordplay ? ha ha .

This has been a year of Closures. Getting done with Thesis, getting done with Honda Project, getting done with fear of people. I think it has been a happening year, perhaps the most happening year ever .. now that I think. A lot and lot of new experiences in both personal and professional front.

From the solo drive to Vegas for CES to the goddamn cold Columbus winter, this was the year of maximum breadth of experiences haha! And must I tell you about the group project and thesis literally and figuratively almost killing me ? When you end up reading this a bunch of years from now, perhaps I’d want you to smile a bit, knowing that you made through this goddamn stressful yet amazing year ! It was trying, testing, fun, terrible, cumbersome, peaceful.. everything into one.

As the ArtCenter journey ended along with 2017 , I do feel that while I may not be a true ‘Master’ of any skill – which I hoped to be when I joined the course, but I’ve definitely mastered knowing what I don’t know and knowing how to know it all. I may not know who I exactly am at this moment, but I know for sure almost all the whys’ and hows’ to what I know.  Haha, clearly this seems like a code language for my future self since I highly doubt any other person would be able to make sense of it.

As I summarize 2017, I’ve also realized that I’ve become a lot more closed person than I used to be, or so it feels. I think I do share my life details and experiences with people superficially but perhaps just the stuff that I want them to take on face value. I don’t see this as a bad or a good thing – i haven’t been able to make up my opinion about it yet, however I do notice this and perhaps am documenting it for future reference hahaha !

All in all, 2018 is a year of a lot of new beginnings ( hopefully ) and we shall leave what’s left of 2017 just right here – the people and the stories. Looking forward to 2018 being a nice and a fun-filled year.
Thank you 2017 for letting me have all the closures I needed even if not having all the closures I would have wanted .